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Innovation Tuesday 21/3: from course to startup

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2023-03-21 14:00

LiU is a place where a lot of innovative ideas has sprung to life; the inGenious-course is one of many sources where students has started their entrepreneurial journey. This course allows students to work with a real life business challenge.

Take the opportunity to hear more about how the company Signostium was created from a challenge provided by Desquare.

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Student Innovation help you make your idea become reality. Do you have an idea that you want to explore, but you don’t know where to start? Visit our events, workshops or just drop by our office for a chat. We are here to help you start your own venture.

Signostium offers a unique turn-key solution to digitalize stairwells in multi-tenant buildings saving money for real estate owners and a transformation to a more sustainable facility administration.

We are performing pilots with a select number of real estate companies during the first half of 2023. Please contact us if you would like to apply for being part of the pilot.

Desquare is a company dedicated to develop a cloud service for democratised, hardware independent digital signage, meaning no matter where you are in the world or the how big or small your company is, you should be able to sign up for the service, install your own hardware and start communicate with your audience.