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Paper plane competition!

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2023-10-31 11:00

This semester, we have something special in store - a competition to fold the paper airplane that can fly the farthest!

The competition will take place a total of seven times, both at Campus Linköping and Campus Norrköping. Join us at least once, and you'll have the chance to win the ultimate prize: a real flight with Linköping Flygklubb for you and up to two of your friends!

Your airplane can be crafted either with the flyers we distribute at the competition events or with a regular A4 paper. But as the creative student network, Student Innovation by LiU is, we're always ready to think outside the box. How can you make your paper plane sail the farthest of them all?

Let your ideas fly! 

Second set of competitions:

Campus Linköping: 31 Oktober kl. 12 15, C-Huset

Campus Linköping: 2 November 12 15, Studenthuset