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Why should you start your own business as a student? 

Be your own boss No more following the crowd – its time to lead your own professional adventure! As a student entrepreneur, you have the freedom to structure your business exactly as you want. Be your own boss, all while still having support and guidance from LiU and Student Innovation.

Access to Knowledge and Support At Student Innovation and among LiUs staff, we’re passionate about helping students succeed. There's no other time when you'll have so much free access to individuals with such vast knowledge.  

Flexibility Your student life often means a hectic schedule. However, entrepreneurship lets you do your work hours to suit your lifestyle. Whether your a night owl or an early bird, flexibility is available. 

Affordable to fail As a university student, you're in a phase with minimal risks. Think about it –what's the worst that can happen if your business does not succeed? You'll be in the same boat as many other students. Embrace this opportunity and take a calculated chance. 

Personal Development Your journey as a student centers around personal growth and self-discovery. Entrepreneurship fast-tracks this journey. Step into the world of entrepreneurship to kick start your personal development.

Network Right now, your world is filled with peers, professors, and professionals. Entrepreneurship is your gateway to expanding your network and adding valuable connections to your list. Why not use this opportunity to grow your network? 

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